Model Casting Calls for Americas Next Top Model

Many girls feel that they have what it takes to become a model or even aspire to become Americas Next Top Model. There is no reason to hesitate if you feel you can be the model they need and the casting team advertise online for the model casting calls in the different cities. Models need to apply with their name, age, weight, height, contact information and three photos.

There are however eligibility requirements to be met before proceeding with applications.

1. A model who has applied for previous cycles are allowed to submit a new application.

2. There are no nationwide open modelling casting calls as producers can schedule them, find candidates another way. Models are allowed to submit videotape submissions and also realize when selected for semi-finals and travelling is involved that it will be at the models cost. Exact interview dates may be changed according to producer's discretion even for final selection processes. Producers will pay for a roundtrip and hotel accommodation during the final selection process.

3. Selected models must live in a chosen house determined by producers with fourteen other girls for close to two months.

4. A finalist must be a current U.S. citizen and make their own arrangements with family and current employers for the duration of the competition.

5. There is no privacy in the house, which participants must accept as the house is fitted with extensive audio and video devices, which record and broadcast all actions at all times. Participants are observed around the clock by producers and general public.

6. The model of the series receives the grand prize, which will include modelling contracts.

7. Application age is 18 to 27 females.

8. All applicants must be five feet seven inches or above in height.

9. Although it is reserved for United States citizens who live in the United States, producer has the right to make an exception.

10. Producers prefer candidates with a minimum of two years' experience, but also reserve the right to make exceptions in this regard. Models must have proven that if they are presently employed or under contract they will be relieved of the contract should they be the winning model.

11. Excellent mental and physical health required and understanding that you are required to pose, videotaped and photographed, clothed, partially clothed and naked.

12. Producers have the right to investigate all participants' background and conduct criminal, civil, driver-history, financial and other checks they deem necessary.

13. Strict restrictions involve the required videotape which must be sent in by applicants as they stipulated a video recording of only 3 minutes by applicants and anything over 3 minutes are not accepted. The video must include a model's best runway walk and also tell producers why they should be chosen as next top model. No music is allowed on the tape.