How Would You React If A Child Finds You Very Adorable?

Imagine President Obama has just had a very difficult day, trying to convince the US Congress to accept his budget proposal. Imagine also that he has just been informed that there were protests going on in Afghanistan because US soldiers were burning the Koran in their Barracks.

The president's spirit will definitely be so low when he walks into this house. This is when his eldest daughter finds him so adorable and rushes to him immediately he walks into the room. If you are the depressed father seeing your child coming to you with an adoring look on her face, how would you react?

I was amazed to see how someone reacted to her child's adoration. The parent felt the child was pestering her. She failed to see the look on the child's face that said no matter how you feel, you are still the best mummy in the whole world.

How many times have you failed to notice the admiration and love in the face of a child as he or she looks at you? I have to admit that I have been guilty of missing the look of admiration on the faces of my children, especially when I am feeling low.

I have come to realise that God sometimes uses children to tell us that things are not as bad as they may seem. Our children try to show us that we are still the best, no matter what any other person may have told us.

Jesus shows us how children are vital in helping to uplift our spirit. Jesus had a very hectic day and was very tired. Suddenly a group of young children rushed to him with a look of admiration on their faces. The disciples of Jesus tried to prevent the children from coming to Jesus. He immediately rebuked them. He told them to allow the children to come to him.

Jesus knew he would find encouragement from the looks of admiration on the faces of the little children. Jesus needed their admiration and encouragement because Jesus was about to go to Jerusalem to be persecuted and crucified.

I would like to ask you what you see in the face of your child coming to you when you are feeling low. Have you failed to realise that God might actually be trying to tell you that you still are a great person no matter what happened to you during the day?

Life can be tough especially in times like this of economic recession when many businesses are collapsing. Learn to see your uniqueness in the faces of your little ones.

As I write this article, my little boy is all over me. I do not see him as a disturbance to me. I had a very challenging day and it feels great to have a child that thinks I am the best daddy in the world. In fact, he is singing a nursery rhyme for me and making me feel special.