Begin Dreaming Again, Even If You Have Challenges

Do you remember what it was like to dream as a child? We all have dreams. Fairy Tale lands, new cars, trips, being in relaxing places, the list goes creatively on and on.

If you're doing something that you're not passionate about and just for the money, maybe it's about time you might want to step back and re-consider your priorities. Maybe start dreaming again.

If you have difficulty dreaming, try this exercise. Go to your nearest Best Buy store or a Travel Agency. At the Best Buy, take a look at an Apple iPad, or if you're at the travel agency, take a look at a tropical destination such as the Mayan Riviera.

Now, we understand that for some people, those things don't appeal to them and that is okay. But the thing is, you've got to try this out anyway. Take a look at that iPad or the Mayan Riviera and just imagine yourself owning one, even if you don't want them. And keep wanting them, put some good, happy feelings into wanting them.

Do this on a daily basis and pretend that you're obsessed with them. Eventually, your reticular activating system will start looking at things that are Apple iPad products, or you'll see traces of Tropical niceties.

Eventually, you'll feel like you want it and it will manifest. Once you do that, not only will you trigger the emotions of the imagination, but you will finally remember what it is like to dream.

It is totally available to you. We as adults tend to forget this special gift that we were given from God and the Universe. Why? Because as a society, we all want to belong. Even if it means being like others by turning off what it is that we want.

You may want to consider taking a look at your associations. If, on a daily basis, you're associating with people who do not dream on a daily basis (and I mean people of a professional nature, not people who are using narcotics or anything illegal to get in a "dream-like" state), you may want to start joining professional groups or associations that encourage dreaming and financial freedom.

Self-improvement groups are good areas to start. Even Network Marketing companies are also excellent places to start, as they have massive support groups that encourage you to dream while you build a home-based business.