5 Original Entertaining Websites

The internet can get repetitive if you don't keep things fresh to avoid boredom. Here's 5 alternative entertaining websites you're unlikely to have heard of, that you should definitely add to your regulars:

  1. Some Ecards (.com)
    Wait, what? An e-card website - entertaining? How? After a few seconds browsing the website, it's clear to see why. The humour from this unexpected source is derived through the old-fashioned, whimsical image style paired with witty captions, making a great comedy combo. The fairly sizeable collection could keep you entertained for hours on end.

  2. F-ck Yeah Headlines (.com)
    Simple and clever concept executed well. Every day the author (/artist) fishes out a particularly ambiguous recent newspaper article title and draws a suitable picture for it. Only the picture gives newspapers a taste of their own medicine and spin a pun out of the title. The website is updated daily, so it'd be a good place to wander past every day to check out the strip for a quick laugh.

  3. Today I Found Out (.com)
    This one's entertaining through its interest factor, as opposed to the humour based ones before. The site's articles back up quirky and obscure "did you know" facts with informative articles, if you're curious for extra detail. In a few weeks the site will also be merging with its partner "misconception junction" which uproots alarmingly present misconceptions with extensive proof. There's more than enough interest and intrigue here to keep you occupied when you're passing time but aim to keep it constructive.

  4. Cleverbot (.com)
    An "Artificially Intelligent" robot that is renowned as one of the most successful and innovative "chatterbot"s to date. Cleverbot learns from everyone's conversations with it around the web, and uses what it has learned to make its next conversation more realistic - so talking to Cleverbot will actually help make it smarter. Whether you're keen to see the quality of the robot yourself, tempted to trip it up or just desperate to make it say something stupid, then this chatterbot can keep you occupied indefinitely. But bear in mind that it's only a computer when it makes mistakes, go easy on the poor thing.

  5. Magical Urbanism (.com)
    This art and photography website focusses on works related to an urban environment, ranging from original graffiti to innovative conceptual designs. The word "art" is used liberally here, as the projects cover all sorts of grounds, branching into inspirational architecture, expressive CGI works and suchlike. The best thing about this website is the originality of each of the pieces, meaning content is always fresh and new.